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Information for Teachers and Parents

A gripping tale for all boys and girls. And while they're having fun reading, they're also learning and developing the many skills listed below. Also be sure to read our
School Reviews

Multiple genres: gives a wide appeal, including action/adventure/fantasy/magic/sci-fi/mystery/suspense. Most importantly, however, is the introduction of new genres to children who may be overly comfortable reading one author or genre because of the familiarity. Now they have their favourite genre interwoven with a range of new ones to broaden their experience and reading interest.

Extremely fast paced: this is an absolute must with children today. Intense action holds the interest of even the most distracted child. Action begins immediately on the first page and only four pages into the story the four main characters are given their very first riddle to solve. They discuss many possible meanings which allows the reader time to decide on their own interpretation in the hope of solving the riddle first.

Multiple adventures: entertains all reading abilities. A new adventure in every chapter attracts children who:
  • are just starting chapter books as it has the familiar feel of many short stories
  • dislike reading or have a short attention span
  • are avid readers looking for a unique and spectacular book to 'wow' them anew
Provokes thought: the reader works alongside the characters to solve riddles, use a compass, fish for their dinner, plan a camping trip, rescue others, forgive mistakes and support each other.

Teaches resourcefulness: the characters use a dictionary when they are unsure of a word from the riddles and when the dictionary doesn't explain enough, they use the internet or library. From a floor plan, they work out a recovery mission, making a list of needed items such as tools, a rope and torch etc, before starting their adventure.

Moral judgement: the main character, Ladek, lies to his police sergeant father to cover up their quest only to be disbelieved when he's in trouble and needs his father's trust the most. He vows never to lie again, which is put to the test in book two when only he can save his father from an injustice. Ladek learns that in extreme circumstances, one's judgement for good must prevail. Bullies are also addressed, when Ladek outsmarts gang members who have him surrounded but are lacking the strength of individual thought.

Personal achievement: sporting practice and achievement in skateboarding and tennis demonstrates self belief and confidence. Robbie uses his training in martial arts to protect his friends showing courage, loyalty and correct defensive use of his skills.

Creative team thinking: when danger requires a cool head and a good plan, the group's strengths combine: Ladek's original and reckless plots are toned down by Robbie's practical consideration of all the options which are enhanced with Ashleigh's truly creative inventions and put into form with Skyla's structures and lists.

Develops language skills: expanding word knowledge, and extending the reader's language development and learning is made easy and retainable because the more complex words are an essential 'must learn' part of this enthralling and vivid tale. Dialogue is positive and clean from all characters in the books.

Emotional development: it is important for children to experience a full range of emotions which will arm them with knowledge and skills for coping with life's ups and downs in the real world. Involved in the story, the reader and characters deal with their emotions in a positive way, experiencing; excitement and worry, compassion and remorse, trust and fear, joy and hurt, triumph and shame, loyalty and betrayal, comfort and frustration etc.

This series has it all. Everything a child could wish for and everything a parent could wish, for their child.

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School Reviews

02 April 2008 - Pukekohe Intermediate: The workshop held at Pukekohe Intermediate was excellent! The students thoroughly enjoyed hearing the author reading part of her own book and they asked many questions about the process of writing. Teachers came up to me after the workshop and said that their students came back to the classroom "buzzing" with excitement. The workshop notes were excellent and they will be very useful for teachers in future writing programmes. SV Bodle has a lovely way of interacting with students and I am sure that she has inspired the students who attended the workshop to extend themselves in their writing and to believe that there is a budding author within each of them. Lynette Slee, Literacy Leader

18 SEPTEMBER 2007 Belmont Primary School: S.V.BODLE was at the school this morning. She presented an inspirational workshop, fired the children with enthusiasm and gave them lots of good advice and ideas. We shall recommend her to other schools. Carole Derbyshire, Librarian.

6 AUGUST 2007 Westmere School: S.V.BODLE came to Westmere School last week and now we have more children wanting her books... the children are keen! They thoroughly enjoyed the creative writing workshop and were asking if they could keep on with their writing during lunch time which is unheard of! Thanks very much again for the great opportunity. Jo van Dam.

21 June 2007 - Opaheke School: Thanks to S.V.Bodle for a great workshop yesterday. Our students got a lot out of it - consequently, many more are now queueing up to purchase copies of the books! The workshop is great for encouraging children to read. Kerry Gore

29 MAY 2007 Glamorgan School: I would like to thank S.V.BODLE from Glamorgan School for allowing our Year 6's to enjoy an excellent workshop. The author was brilliant and the children had a fantastic time. What an opportunity your company has given us. I feel workshops by authors are invaluable for our children, as it extends their imagination and creativity. I'm sure we have the making of several new authors now. Thank you again. Kim Ellis.

28 MAY 2007 Bucklands Beach Primary: As the librarian at Bucklands Beach Primary it is my duty to read and recommend books to students. I have finished reading the first S.V.BODLE book "Battle for the Savant Sceptre" and I thought it was fantastic. It had me hooked right from the very first chapter all through to the end. It had so many different genres in it, and in every chapter something happened so there were no boring bits. Yet another boy at school has now decided he would like to buy both books as all the kids that have bought S.V.BODLE's books are giving them such great reviews. I have spoken to a mum today and her son is reading the first book and he can't put it down, he usually reads non-fiction or something along sport in fiction but he is absolutely hooked and can't wait to finish this book and read the second. I must admit I wished I and taken the second book home at the weekend to read that one too. Its one of those books that will get kids to branch out into other genres and try something new. Wow what a great read. Regards, Caroline Coyle.

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