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Buy Now - PLANET TREASURE GUARDIANS - Battle for the Savant Sceptre
Buy Now - PLANET TREASURE GUARDIANS - Battle for the Savant Sceptre

Mary Jo (Teacher in the USA, Book Reviewer)
On the back cover when this book promised action, it was not kidding!!! I think it has more plot happening in one book than Harry Potter had in the first three combined.

In this book, there are no adults to trust with the magic/secrets, leaving the kids all on their own to figure out the riddles as well as the logistics of each adventure. This will appeal not only to the resourcefulness in kids but also to the alienation they sometimes feel in a world ruled by adults.

The book would lend itself well to a television series, as each chapter is its own episode with a rise and fall in action, and a bit of foreshadowing to bring you back for the next chapter. Each chapter leaves the young heroes in a safe place by the end, which I think is important for younger readers who will attempt the book. A lot of kids read at bedtime, and there is no sleeping if your book's heroes are in peril. I think a lot of readers will imagine themselves in the mysterious places this book describes, especially the spa in the tree and the observatory - hidden places, free of adults. The comradeship between the four children is reassuring - no one has to fight evil on his own. Yet the friendships are not without their little hiccups, like true life. S.V.Bodle has managed to construct an amazingly complicated story. The reader knows, because our trust has been built, that the kids will keep solving the riddles and will surely win in the end,just like a rollercoaster ride we know will eventually return to the terminal, but we have no idea where the ride is going to take us in between. You will be scared and safe all at the same time. This is a real talent of S.V.Bodle's. A particular treat for me was the New Zealand-isms words and phrases (and spellings) that are so typically NZ, which we all miss here in the US.

Congratulations S.V.Bodle! Your book is a triumph.

EASTERN COURIER- "New Book Takes on Harry Potter" by Lucy Arthur
(Wednesday 5th October 2005)

"It outsold Harry Potter at St Lukes (Auckland's busiest bookstore) in the July School Holidays"....

NZ HERALD - Canvas Review by David Larsen
(Sunday 9th July 2005)

First book in New Zealand writer Bodle's Planet Treasure Guardians series. Young heroes armed with magical treasures try to stave off an alien invasion of Earth. The story rollicks along irresistibly... More to the point, my 8-year-old fantasy addict son couldn't put it down.

Jordan (10 years)
This book is fantastic! It's the best book ever!!! It is a 5 STAR+ :D !

Katie Streat (9 years)
After reading the first few chapters I thought the book was great! I couldn't wait to finish it. Now that I have, you're my favourite author, you have a lovely imagination. I LOVE your book! It is awesome and I read it all the time. It was impossible to put down. I am really looking forward to when "Hunt for the Emberteller" comes out.

Lauren Williams
I thought the book was fantastic, it was exciting and the fun carried on through the whole story. Good luck on writing your next.

David Tuisaula
I have recently finished reading Planet Treasure Guardians and it was fantastic!!!!!!! I would just like to congratulate S.V.Bodle on producing such an exciting book. It's always interesting and never boring. Most books I read always have the best part near the end and I have to wait ages!!!!! to get to the good part but this book is always exciting all the way through. I also had my book signed by S.V.Bodle at St Lukes out side Paper Plus and I've been inspired to start writing my own book. I just want to know if this book is a series because if it is then I can't wait. I think that Planet Treasure Guardians would make a stunning movie because there is so much action. I'm also using this book in a reading competition.

Mel Abbott
Funny, exciting and educational - it has it all. A great challenge for readers who want something they can really sink their teeth in to. You'll be sneaking your light back on without your parents knowing to read this one.

James MacGregor (13 years)
Thanks S.V.Bodle for writing this great book!! It is very descriptive - Awesome!

Michaella Faaita (11 years)
I have read Planet Treasure Guardians. It has heaps of adventure and it's fun to read. Sometimes it is scary. I did not like Mrs Scryvun, she is mean, but I liked Ladek, Skyla, Robbie and Ashleigh. I love reading this book till late at night. I liked the dream pods and the planet treasures. The book has lots of adjectives and I learned new words like, deja vu and savant. Ladek, Skyla, Ashleigh and Robbie are lucky when they get to go to L.A. and Disneyland. I liked Angus McMare, he was nice. I hope I can get Planet Treasure Guardians - Hunt for the Emberteller, the second book in the series. I wish I can meet S.V.Bodle.

Tim Gray (10 years)
This fantasy novel was just as surprising and exciting as it promised to be. I will definitely buy the second book in the series. I read a lot of adult fantasy novels and this book with its thin pages and small type is extremely good value for money.

Michaela Baggstrom (13 years)
I loved the book... it is the best book I ever read.

Adam Trail (12 years)
Once I started reading this book I found it hard to put down. It's got everything you'd want in a sci fi-fantasy-adventure novel: Magic, aliens, mystery and heroes. If you like "Animorphs", "Finn's Quest" or the "Keys to the Kingdom" series I'm sure you will enjoy "Battle for the Savant Sceptre". All I want to know is, when is the next one coming out?!

Pam Sims (5 stars)
This is a fantastic read for all children up to the age of 80. :) I kept meaning to put the book down yet I still had the light on at one o'clock in the morning on week nights! Yes, I was very tired at work that week but, yes, it was well worth it.

Karen Underwood (5 stars)
I love the intensity of this book. It is a story of adventure, mystery and discovery that leads four children on a dangerous but exciting mission to keep a secret and powerful magic safe. It has continuous action to keep you on the edge of your seat. A must read for all children.

Jillian Wood (definitely 5 stars)
The author takes you on an amazing journey with four young adventurers who tackle all manner of challenges - some life threatening - while supporting each other and learning lifešs small lessons along the way. They overcome some nasty situations involving merciless characters who are out to get them. I would highly recommend this book to anyone, children and adults, who love a fast moving, gripping story that holds the attention of the reader right to the turning of the last page.

Alan Baird
Hi, my son has just finished your 1st book and is desperate to read the 2nd, Hunt for the Emberteller.

Dianna Mannering
I am so pleased that the second book is now available and am looking forward to reading it to my boys, and myself!

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